The Coconuts Have Spoken!

Bring Her Back They Say!

Gastrogig is bringing back Maxwell’s Road famed Madam Tan’s Nasi Lemak to satisfy your cravings.

Savour the sorely-missed flavours of her twice steamed nasi lemak, rendang, crispy magic.

Indulge in her signature sambals & decadent treats!

Available for Delivery Every Thursday to Sunday from 11 June to 10 Aug 2020

Our Gastro-Motto

#EatLocal #ReapWhatWeSow #GreenIsTheNewBlack #SavourEachBite

Shen tan x gastrogig

Chef Shen Tan is a self-taught cook who made a giant leap from the coffee grind of the corporate world, to the pounding grind of the Maxwell Food Centre, where she dished out her one-of-a-kind Twice steamed Nasi Lemak and signature sambals.

Team Gastrogig has been digging deep into our soil to discover the amazing array of produce that our little tropical backyard can offer. Garden to table to your door! 

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